Risks Of Laser Hair Removal For Men

There are some minor risks involved in hair removal for men by laser treatment. Side effects such as redness, swelling, blistering and pain are common occurrences while complications arising as a result are less so. The use of anesthetic reduces the pain during laser hair removal with over the counter medication or prescribed medication helps to relieve pain after the treatment.

If swelling does occur around the areas that have undergone laser hair removal, this is not a big problem and shouldn't put you off hair removal for men as it is easily treated with topical anti-inflammatory creams that relieve the swelling. Such creams are also effective for treating redness that often looks like sunburn.

Male Laser Hair Removal Video

A more painful side effect of hair removal for men by laser treatment is blistering that is more noticeable than redness and since it takes some time to subside, you should schedule your laser hair removal surgery with ample time to recover.

Another temporary side effect of laser hair removal is the darkening of the skin that has been treated. This dissipates after a few days and doesn’t pose too much of a problem as you can always cover the affected area with makeup.

So far, these side effects are minor and superficial ones that do not pose any permanent damage to the skin. However, there are some risks that can result in permanent damage such as scarring, skin discoloration and burns.

Such incidents are usually the result of accidents and caused by inexperienced practitioners of male laser hair removal. Therefore it is very important to do your research on the doctor or clinic you are considering and make sure that your laser hair removal treatments are being carried out by qualified, experienced professionals.

Permanent damage occurs during hair removal for men when laser beams attack the dark pigmentation in skin follicles resulting in skin discoloration where there is a permanent lightening of the area treated. Although this is not painful, having to live with a patch of lightened skin can cause emotional distraught.

Burns are usually cause by inexperienced technicians, so if you take great care in choosing your treatment clinic and practitioner, such unfortunate incidents would be minimized in hair removal for men.